Novia is the largest Swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences in Finland with six diff erent master's degree programs and over 4,000 students.

The Nordic dimension

Novia UAS focuses on borderless networking

If you were to choose an education right now, and wanted to find a job after graduating, applying to Novia University of Applied Sciences would be a great choice.
“We work closely with the region’s companies, which is one of several reasons why our students are exceptionally competitive on the labour market. Novia is the number one supplier of engineers to the local industry. Our tradition dates back to 1849 and we have grown and developed together with the industry,” says Örjan Andersson, President.

“We are proud to say that the unemployment
rate among our graduates is the lowest in the
country,” says Örjan Andersson.

At Novia, great effort is put into Nordic cooperation and building networks.
“We have an established position within the Nordic countries. Among Finnish higher education institutions, we administer the largest number of Nordplus-networks, and we are also active in the Erasmus program. This gives our students an opportunity to be mobile and gather useful, competitive knowledge abroad.”
According to Andersson, the cooperation with universities in Sweden and Norway is particularly versatile.
“A great deal of our research activities focuses on sustainable energy such as wind power and environmental technology. The fact that we are multilingual also makes us a popular partner to other universities in Finland, as we can help them in networking over the boarders,” says John Dahlbacka, R&D Manager.
“Our ambition is also to help businesses expand their markets to other Nordic countries,” Andersson says.

The solid network behind Novia has made it the largest Swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences in Finland.
“We believe this is thanks to the connections we give to the industry and working life. Our students know that companies are interested in working with us, which in turn opens doors to future employment. “Since our region is very strong in its export business, our multilingual students are immensely attractive on the market. Good communication skills and cultural understanding are valuable assets. Thanks to Novia, the region easily finds competent people”, Örjan Andersson states.


Business sector: University of Applied Sciences

Employees: 300

Students: 4,000

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