“Thanks to our digital solutions and our 24h customer service, our clients are able to monitor the progress of the project,” says Jonas Ahola.

The bigger the better

For AT Special Transport, the actual transport is the result of extensive preparations

When you are stuck in a queue of traffic behind an abnormal load in a special transport convoy and cursing your bad timing, you might not realise just how much planning and preparation has gone into this special transport. AT Special Transport is specialized in planning and implementing demanding transport solutions. The company provides transport planning and implementation for single objects as well as for large scale projects.
“Special transports are always entities that require bespoke planning, in the case of both single deliveries and larger projects. Planning often begins months or sometimes even a year before the actual transport itself,” says Jonas Ahola, CEO at AT Special Transport.

AT Special Transport provides transport planning and implementation for single objects as well as for large scale projects.

Factory structures and machines, bridge structures, boats, and agricultural machinery are examples of things that often require special solutions in their transportation. The size and shape limitations of transporting may often even have an impact on the manufacturing process of an object. AT Special Transport operates throughout Europe, and its transport routes typically include transport by both sea and road. The planning of routes and modes of transport is meticulous work that must take full account of such things as the location and height power lines, bridges, and traffic control signs on the route.
“Our job is to find the best possible transport solutions to achieve cost-effectiveness for the client. The solution might be valuable in terms of the manufacturing process, while the successful optimisation of the object’s orientation during transport might allow for a shorter transport route,” says Ahola.

For demanding loads, the transportable object is often not only large in size, but also high in value. Staying on schedule is very important, and the transportable objects need to arrive at precisely the right time to avoid problems in the logistics and manufacturing chain. In larger project deliveries, the company often has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the entire logistics process.
“Our expertise is in logistics management; making sure that the transport timetables are synchronized and that the freight arrives at its destination undamaged,” says Ahola.


Part of Ahola Group

Business sector: Special transport services

Turnover: €7 million

Employees: 11

Major markets: Finland, Nordic countries, Europe

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