The Kaura hand cream and hand soap are examples of new products that immediately became best sellers when released.

Skin friendly

Dermoshop develops cosmetic products for Nordic weather conditions

Dermoshop can without doubt be called a real pioneer in e-commerce; when the company opened its web shop back in 1996 it was one of the first web shops in Finland. Right from the start, Dermoshop has invested in building a community around its shop. Customers are free to comment on the products and negative comments are not removed from the web. In fact, Dermoshop appreciates all comments from the customers.
“Our customers are really engaged and truly interested in the products. They help us develop better products and give us a lot of product ideas.”, says Product Manager Åsa Smeds.

These ladies develop skin-friendly cosmetics. From the left Pia Knoester, Rosmarie Grannas-Rissanen, Åsa Smeds, Bi Virta and Henrietta Backlund.

The Dermoshop product development team of five persons are used to a hectic schedule. New products are launched every second month and in addition old products are constantly being improved. The path from idea to new product usually takes 1-1.5 years and includes a lot of testing, discussing and teamwork.
“Sometimes you get it right immediately, and other times you have to keep mixing ingredients and testing,” explains Product Manager Bi Virta.
The regulation regarding cosmetics is extremely strict within the EU, actually even stricter than for food products. In order to ensure the highest level of consumer safety all cosmetic products undergo an expert scientific safety assessment before they are launched.

Dermoshop is a truly Nordic brand, as almost all their products are manufactured in Finland or in other Nordic countries. The company also wants to use as many Nordic ingredients as possible.
“Our products have been designed to take care of the well-being of your skin in the challenging Nordic climate. Low amounts of preservatives and perfumes make Dermosil products a skin friendly alternative”, says Virta.
What then, in the end, determines whether a product becomes a success or not?
“That’s a good question. Usually we are quite good at anticipating the result since we know our customers well, but sometimes their reactions might surprise us,” says Smeds


Business sector: Web shop for skin- and haircare, makeup and food supplements.

Turnover: €27.2 million

Employees: 54

Major markets: Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia

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