According to Jari Rättyä, Lemonsoft 's ERP system is a product without a lifecycle. The system is being developed continuously, and will probably never be completed.

Simplifying things

All company processes can be made more efficient with Lemonsoft’s ERP system

Since its foundation in 2006, Lemonsoft has helped thousands of companies rationalize their processes. Lemonsoft’s ERP, also called Lemonsoft, is built to streamline and automate different processes. It also gives the management up-to-date information to support decision-making.
“Our ERP system is increasingly being used to forecast the future, not just to map out the past. We are constantly striving to bring more of these functions into our system,” says Managing Director Jari Rättyä.

Lemonsoft’s ERP system is directly used by 4000 companies. In addition, Lemonsoft also cooperates with accounting offices, and through these, the system is present in the daily work of an additional 13,000 other companies.
When Lemonsoft’s customers have been asked why they have expressly selected Lemonsoft, most have responded that the system truly combines different processes within the company. The system covers functions such as payroll, customer relationship management, logistics, production and project management. Therefore, there is little to no need for different integrations. Customers can decide for themselves which modules will be taken into use.
Another strength of Lemonsoft is that the system can be used regardless of time and place, since its mobile use has been emphasized from the very beginning.

Lemonsoft’s ERP system is increasingly being used to forecast the future, not just to map out the past.

Lemonsoft is a wholly Finnish company. The product itself and its code are also 100 percent domestic, as are the company’s clients.
“Internationalization has been deliberated and will become more topical over the coming years. For certain parts of the system, we could go abroad immediately, however, functions such as financial management and payroll involve a great deal of country-specific legislation,” explains Rättyä.
Product development is very much present in all of Lemonsoft’s operations. The system is constantly being developed, often based on customer ideas. In fact, 70 percent of customer requests go directly to product development.
“We are sometimes asked when our system will be ready. As an answer, I tell them that hopefully never,” laughs Rättyä.



Business sector: ERP system

Turnover: €8.2 million

Employees: 70

Main customer sectors: Manufacturing, wholesale, construction and accounting

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