“Merinova has an exceptionally strong industrial ownership, which ensures that our operations are based around companies, on business needs, and that our activities benefit our shareholders,” say Mika Konu and Anna-Kaisa Valkama.

Sheepdog of the energy business

Merinova mobilises the region’s companies to develop their activities together

Everyone knows that duplicated work is a waste of resources, yet it still happens. Merinova’s aim is to eliminate it. The company operates in an important and unbiased support function in the energy cluster, in a sort of sheepdog role, bringing the region’s businesses together and guiding them in the same direction.
“In cooperation with institutions of higher education, public institutions and technology companies, we strive to create joint industrial projects. The goal is to have the region’s large businesses working in cooperation instead of in competition against each other. This allows companies to create new business activity and technologies in Vaasa, the innovativeness of which is often unrivalled, even internationally,” says Mika Konu, Managing Director at Merinova.

Vaasa-based Merinova is an expert in company operations and operating conditions, and it aspires not only to link businesses in the region, but also to further increase their success, by implementing regional, national and international development programmes, projects, and services. Merinova’s skilled staff knows the energy industry like the back of their hands, and thus they are able to prepare development projects for the industry, and to help companies in the Vaasa energy cluster find the best contacts for implementing their projects.
“The core of our activity has to do with project design and the service business,” Konu says.
“We work at the heart of the Vaasa region energy cluster and our special expertise is energy technology. Our project activities aim to specifically develop future electric power system, intelligent manufacturing and energy efficiency,” adds Program Director Anna-Kaisa Valkama.

One example of the work that Merinova has achieved internationally is the Energy Days event, a concept developed for emerging markets, which was last held in Dubai in 2017. Merinova regularly holds weekend-long events where it sends energy industry experts from Vaasa abroad to become familiar with the international market and business opportunities.
“In addition, we cooperate with other energy clusters within the EU to find new development routes for companies. Engaging our services brings companies more than double the benefit, since we have the necessary know-how and resources to implement enterprise development projects. Without Merinova, projects would often be left without public financing,” Valkama says.
“We also often act as project managers, and we are the best possible trendsetter for companies that are looking to grow and internationalise,” Konu says.


Business sector: Development services

Turnover 2017: €2.5 million

Employees: 15

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