“The brand renewal strengthens our position as a national operator”, says Juha Hakala.

Not just low prices

Halpa-Halli rebrands its business

A retail sector veteran of over 40 years, Halpa-Halli is on the verge of major changes. The name Halpa-Halli means “Discount Store” in English, and since its inception, the company has been known especially for its low prices. In addition to discounted prices, this Finnish family business’ mission has always included good customer service and selling everyday necessities. The company still sees this mission as valuable and functional, but the ways in which it is implemented are in flux due to changes taking place in the retail sector.
In 2017, the company began a brand renewal that has had a major impact on all the operations. The implementation is expected to continue long into the future.
“We are not looking to give up affordability, but we do not want to be defined through price competition only. With the reform, we are aiming to expand our current customer base, and to achieve an even better service quality,” says Halpa-Halli´s Marketing Manager Juha Hakala.

The brand reform has an impact not only on the company’s visible branding, but also on things like product range and sales channels. The company has 37 physical stores across different regions of Finland, but the network of stores does not cover the whole country. The company’s online store has been developing over a long period, and increasing online sales is seen as key in reaching a new and broader customer base.
“Our network of stores still excludes a large number of customers, both geographically and in terms of purchasing habits. Via our online store, we can reach a broader group of people,” says Halpa-Halli’s Business Director Tuomo Simojoki.
The company is also planning to utilise its online store to provide a wider range of products.

The first changes that will be visible to customers are the renewed stores, which have gone through large changes due to the brand renewal. The store environment and marketing messages have been streamlined, the presentation of products has been improved, and the product range has been modernized.
“We want people to continue to come to Halpa-Halli for our friendly customer service and broad product range, and also for the values that we embody. Taking care of the environment and people are important to us and we are continuously seeking out solutions that support these values. As an example, the Kokkola store was recently renovated and furnished with a large lighting solution that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and which at the same time improves the customer experience.”



Business sector: Retail trade

Turnover: €300 million

Employees: 1,500

Stores: 37

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