Lighting up ideas

C2 Advertising pushes the boundaries of creativity

The team at C2 Advertising chases that light-bulb moment in every project, whether big or small. When they find the light and let their eyes adjust, a picture begins to take shape.
Our world is increasingly visual, so how a company communicates through images is essential.
“A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why seven of our sixteen employees work with images, video, graphic design, and animation. Our goal is to make our client shine”, says CEO of C2 Suvi Markko.

“We focus on offering inspiring ideas, putting them into words and stories, visualizing them and then distributing them to the target audiences,” says Suvi Markko.

When the outlook is bright, it can be put into words. If one image is worth more than a thousand words, one word can affect an entire image. The production of content in several languages is one of the three main services provided by C2.
However, it should be remembered that great images and insightful stories have no value if unseen and unread.
“C2 is also a media agency within an advertising agency. Visuals, stories and media distribution together make great advertising. We carry out anything regarding advertising and media planning, as well as the optimization of advertising,” Markko clarifies.

A strong team is needed to carry out effective advertising. In this respect, C2 strives to be a responsible partner for its customers by taking a comprehensive role in the customers’ marketing activities. The implementation requires constant curiosity towards this agile field of business.
“One must remain at the forefront, in order to provide customers with the best possible support. I’m really proud of our innovative team. We all want to take our skills as far as possible, be creative and develop the world. With this energy, everything works and we are continually offering new illuminating ideas. And when it comes to the boundaries of creativity, we haven’t hit a wall yet,” Markko sums up.



Turnover 2017: €1.6 million

Employees: 16

Sister company: Contium Oy

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