Devatus is growing fast, but has not forgotten the meaning of a good working atmosphere. “Our dedicated team ensures a high level of commitment and goes that extra mile for the customers,” say Andreas Paschinsky and Riina Pussinen.

It’s all about chemistry

Devatus is a comprehensive partner for digital services

How to produce top quality digital services? According to software development house Devatus, everything starts from the atmosphere within the company and a good chemistry with the customer.
Devatus takes good care of both the staff and the customer, which is usually a company working in the energy technology sector in the Vaasa region. Devatus goal is to be a forerunner both as a supplier and an employer.
“If the employees are allowed to do what they do best, they are more committed to their job. We want to use their enthusiasm for the client’s benefit and by doing so produce quality services,” says Andreas Paschinsky, Head of Business Development at Devatus.

Founded in 2010, Devatus has grown rapidly and has hired eight new employees during 2017 alone. Behind the growth is a belief in the local workforce and the skills that the young in the Vaasa region have to offer. The company collaborates closely with the nearby universities and schools and has recruited many new employees straight from the school bench. This is also how Software Engineer Riina Pussinen ended up working for Devatus.
“I have worked here for half a year now. We have a great atmosphere and everyone trusts each other. In a short time, I have received a lot of responsibility as well as the opportunity to develop and do the things I am really interested in,” Pussinen explains.

Even if Devatus is strong locally, the company still works internationally through its customers. In the last few years, Devatus has successfully earned a reputation as a responsible partner, supplying its customer with all types of software services; from technology consultations to prototyping, and from coding to test automation.
“We are a small house, but we still make meaningful projects. This is possible only with a team dedicated to their job. By benefiting from the best know-how of our employees, we can create a trusting atmosphere with the client and the staff. It is all about the chemistry,” Paschinsky sums up.


Business sector: Business solutions, digital services

Turnover: €1.7 million

Employees: 26

Major markets: Domestic and Europe

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