The team at management consultant agency A-Zeta approaches every situation methodically without preconceptions, and delivers creative and practical solutions.

Your international problem-solvers

A-Zeta’s mission is to help organizations succeed

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get someone else to handle your issues? If someone else could take care of the important tasks that you know should be done, but you can’t seem to find the time for or know how to start? This is where the management consultants of A-Zeta can help by doing what they are really good at.
“It is really quite simple: there is no value in the consultant alone, rather the value lies in the result the consultant actually delivers, preferably together with the client. We know this as former buyers of consultant services, and that is why we know what to deliver. We won’t leave the customer with only a PowerPoint presentation or a report, but with actual implemented improvements,” says Anders Finne, Partner and CMO.

After spending time abroad, gathering experience in leadership and management, the partners of A-Zeta decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2015, they founded Ostrobothnia’s first genuine management consultant agency. This proved to be a good move, since the region has a huge appetite for their services. During the first year of business alone, A-Zeta had 70 assignments with 50 different customers. The company focuses on problems often tackled by the board or management team in an organization: leadership, strategy, finance and organization.
“A typical task, for example, is a CEO that needs to develop the management team. Here, we come in and see the company from a different angle and without our own career paths within the firm to consider. This is why we succeed in recruiting and putting together the right group of people, developing the right structures within an organization,” says Dan Liljeqvist, Partner and CEO.

Growth is another main focus area for A-Zeta. “An A-Zeta consultant always comes up with a complete implementation plan based on relevant facts. When we are involved in growth projects, the customer will recieve the whole package including critical components such as a straight forward market analysis, sales strategy, assigned task force and support with the actual customer aquisition” says Liljeqvist.
Offering real, hands-on value is the key behind A-Zetas success. Today, the company has offices in both Finland and Sweden, and customers all around the globe.
“Our job isn’t to correct organizations in their ways of operating, but rather to offer a fresh point of view and building new structures and systems to support a sustainable change that gets to the next level faster. We think of our job as a kind of craftsmanship; we don’t possess a crystal ball, but we do know the change processes.” says Mikael Still, Founding Partner.



Business sector: Management Consulting

Employees: 8

Turnover: €0.6 million

Major markets: The Nordics is our home, but we work globally

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