“One of Buorre's undoubted strengths, in addition to product and concept design, is our understanding of sales processes,” says Sami Kulla.

Guiding star of competitiveness

Buorre creates a competitive advantage through product design and digital marketing

When there is an aim of increasing competitiveness, help is available from the Buorre business and design agency. Buorre improves the sales of its customers comprehensively through digital marketing, targeted audience content, and seamless cooperation between marketing and sales activities.
“Through digital marketing, we annually provide our customers with tens of thousands of enthusiastic potential buyers. We have noticed that our way of leading marketing by analyzing data is surprisingly new and raises interest in companies. We believe that this is the only way to ensure cost-effective growth,” says Sami Kulla, Managing Director.

The improvement of a company’s competitive advantage starts from the customer experience. When a brand is clearer, service processes more streamlined and products more user-friendly, there is an increased possibility for business operations to grow. Buorre has always been a leader in promoting the business of customers comprehensively.
“We want to take care of the entire process under the same roof, from the mechanical planning and design of a product or service, to its launch and the analysis of the marketing results. During our decade of operations, we have developed a business model that includes product and service design, as well as all connected advertising and marketing activities,” says Kulla.

The culture of renewal is an intrinsic value to Buorre and, therefore, the company also seeks to take care of the development of its customers. Sami Kulla emphasizes the dedication of the Buorre specialists to their work, which creates the preconditions for the design of comprehensive and functional concepts.
“We help our customers to get their products onto the shelves of stores and make sure they are brought to the customers’ attention. The formula for success for this objective creates our entire value chain – we act transparently, responsibly and courageously. We dare to try out new things and, thus, create new innovations. This is where our strength is crystallized.”



Business sector: Digital marketing and design services

Employees: 30

Major markets: The Nordic countries

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