Having the right people results in a team with a lot of know-how. Genero employs experts in strategy, design, copywriting, technology and growth hacking.

Growth marketing in their DNA

Genero helps companies grow and achieve better results through data-driven marketing

In 2009, two brothers from Jakobstad along with their friend founded a marketing company called Genero, because they wanted to change the way marketing was done. In the early years, their client base consisted mainly of small local businesses and startups. Today, Genero focuses on measurable digital marketing, helping companies utilize digital tools and channels, and so-called growth hacking methods. Although the company’s geographical reach has expanded beyond Jakobstad to cover the whole of the Nordic countries and Central Europe, it has not forgotten its Ostrobothnian roots.
“Our hometown is a part of us, and we are proud of it. We work honestly and with our feet on the ground” say CEO Rasmus Östman and COO Sebastian Östman of Genero.

Brothers Rasmus and Sebastian Östman run the resultoriented digital marketing agency Genero together with Jonathan Björkskog (in the middle). Their tagline is: “Do not follow your competitors. Make them follow you.”

For the people at Genero, Ostrobothnian values and effectiveness are in their DNA. They want to challenge companies to focus on marketing that drives growth.
“With everything we do, we ask ourselves, what would we do if we were the client. When applying a successful growth marketing strategy, you need to differentiate from the competition and give a more significant value to the target group. That is why we also work with branding and strategy,” explains Rasmus Östman.
The brothers say that the folks at Genero work to suit the client’s needs. In their view, it is essential to look at marketing needs through the eyes of the client, instead of being stuck with planning just for themselves or the industry.
“We have experience from the other side of the table as well, so we understand the clients’ needs. Our clients’ success is our inspiration,” Sebastian Östman adds.

To date, Genero has been expanding quickly, with an annual growth rate of up to 50 percent, and the company nowadays has offices in both Helsinki and Jakobstad. However, there is always room for improvement, and for the Östmans, this currently means focusing on further developing the existing digital marketing methods.
“As Genero grows as a company and our clients grow their businesses, the people inside Genero are also constantly growing and evolving, while seeking out new marketing possibilities to meet our clients’ needs. Therefore, Genero is truly growing comprehensively.”


Business sector: Digital marketing, growth marketing strategies, growth hacking,design, copywriting and coding

Employees: 26

Turnover 2017: Over €3 million

Major markets: The Nordic countries, Germany

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