Transport structures with fully opening sides make the loading and unloading of goods signifi cantly easier. High quality and easy-to-use products by Ekeri last longer and are an investment.

Focus is the key

Ekeri is renowned for its durable trailers with side opening doors

70 years ago, Eklunds Snickeri from Kållby built everything from horse carts to furniture. Nowadays, the company known as Ekeri focuses on only one product category: Ekeri’s range of products includes box semi-trailers, box trailers and truck bodies with fully opening sides.
“The idea is simply to manufacture one product category very well to ensure efficiency and high quality,” says Managing Director Matti Laurila.

“Ekeri shall be the best choice for customers in need of box semi-trailers, box trailers and truck bodies with an opening side,” says Managing Director Matti Laurila.

By concentrating all its expertise, Ekeri has built for itself an expert position in the field. Ekeri is renowned for the guaranteed high quality of its products with a high level of durability. Even though it may be true that products of the highest quality do cost a bit more, Ekeri still offers highly competitive products when considering the total costs.
“Our products give our customers the chance to carry out their transportation operations in a cost-effective and sustainable way. A high quality product comes along with a strong ease of use, and this is what our motto also implies. ‘Easy loading’ stands for a user-friendly product that makes it easy to load, easy to secure and easy to unload,” Laurila says.

In addition to quality, Ekeri also focuses on the continuous improvement of their processes. Since “time is money” in the logistics industry, it is advisable to keep order processes as short as possible.
“Nobody wants to wait for a long time. Whilst the process from order to delivery used to take about 12 weeks, it now only takes seven weeks. A shorter lead time improves the customer experience, so also here at Ekeri we are striving to meet customer needs. Shorter lead-in times will benefit everyone, including the customer. When the quality level and customer experience are high, we can proudly state that our products are the best choice for our customers,” Laurila sums it all up.



Business sector: Box trailers, box semi-trailers and truck bodies

Turnover: €60 million

Employees: 225

Export: 80%

Major markets: The Nordic Countries, The Baltic States, The Netherlands, The UK, Germany

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