"Creamedia combines over a decade of marketing and communications experience with today’s digital know-how,” Marita Vuorinen says.

Five steps to better marketing

Creamedia helps companies bring out their strengths

Ostrobothnia is going through an upbeat period. A company can, however, become temporarily blinded by its positive vibes, leading it to fall into simple traps. Marita Vuorinen, Director at the largest multimedia agency in the Kokkola area – Creamedia – asserts that it is especially important for companies to invest in marketing while they are experiencing an upward trend. Vuorinen presents five observations on why many companies would need a marketing partner.

Firstly, innovations are not utilized to their full potential if the product development pipeline does not include the product’s launch. Large amounts of money are often invested into product development, but marketing is seen as a separate expense rather than being part of the investment, where it belongs.
Secondly, Vuorinen draws attention to marketing planning. According to her, marketing is often conducted by trying out various communication channels or campaigns indiscriminately. Strategic marketing or communication should be conducted methodically and implemented systematically through the selected channels.

Vuorinen’s third comment has to do with the measurability of and goals for the marketing.
“One of the reasons that there has to be a marketing plan is that it helps measure how effective the marketing has been. When you can see what works and what doesn’t, the content can be adjusted as needed,” Vuorinen says.
Fourthly, Creamedia encourages the recognition of a diverse language and the utilization of new perspectives in communications, rather than simply offering technical information.
“Communicating from one engineer to another is not enough alone. People want to hear about things from their own perspective and in terms that they can understand. Communicating through visual means is one method for drawing the attention of the target group,” Vuorinen notes.

Last but not least, Vuorinen highlights the issue of discoverability. If websites are not updated regularly, no one will find them. Search engines require fresh information and therefore current and optimised text improves discoverability.
“If you find it hard to come up with the right words and methods, you should contact a marketing agency. It is our job to help companies in our region to bring out their strengths, so that the world can see Ostrobothnia in an even better light.”


Business sector: Advertising and communications

Turnover: €1 million

Employees: 13

Owner: Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Group

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