“It's no longer suffi cient to be a good engineer – project skills are also needed in many tasks. VAMK's studies meet the needs of working life,” Terhi Päivike and Jorma Tuominen say.

From engineer to project manager

VAMK's Project Management training responds to the needs of local companies

Terhi Päivike graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Engineering from Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK, University of Applied Sciences. After moving into working life, however, Päivike felt that further training would be a good idea. Therefore, she went on to study project management. Today, with a Master of Project Management degree, Päivike is grateful for having learned how to perceive larger entities, such as the planning of financing and investment proposals for potential projects.
“Mere engineering skills were not sufficient in my job at engineering consultancy Citec, as most of the work was related to projects. Through the project management training, I gained a great deal of knowledge and broader skills. Moreover, I got the opportunity to develop my own employer organization via reporting tools such as deliveries for module packages,” Päivike explains.

VAMK launched its Master’s Degree education for Project Management in 2016. This English-language training program, where Päivike also graduated, is designed in close co-operation with both the international business community in Vaasa and the University of Applied Sciences in Seinäjoki and it was awarded by the Projects Association (PRY) as the Academic PM of the year 2017. The program supports the role of universities of applied sciences as developers of working life and regional competitiveness at its best.
“Project business expertise is one of the key competitive prerequisites for companies in the Vaasa region, where work is becoming increasingly project oriented. A clear signal was provided by companies in the region that there was a need for such training. We provide students with the ability to work in demanding local and international project management and administration tasks,” explains Jorma Tuominen, Director of the VAMK School of Technology.

The training provides competency for tasks requiring a higher university degree. Päivike says that she has also received the courage to take on more demanding tasks through the training, and nowadays she works as a Manager in Product Engineering, Auxiliary & PLM, leading a team of 18 people.
“It is important that this kind of training is organized, as there is a very high demand for qualified project specialists in the Vaasa region. Finnish experts who are able to take many projects forward simultaneously are also highly valued around the world. I have recommended the training to many colleagues, since I know it is really useful in working life,” Päivike says.


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