When Pink Gin VI was launched in the summer 2017, she was the largest carbon fibre sloop in the world. She is a perfect example of how Baltic Yachts continues to lead the way in carbon fibre engineering and build technology.

Craftsmen on top of the world

Baltic Yachts building the next generation of superyachts

Attend any superyacht regatta or award ceremony in the world and there’s a good chance a yacht built by Baltic Yachts will be one of the prize winners.
“Winning prizes is, of course, important to us, and our yachts really excel in all competitions they enter,” says Sam Stenberg, Managing Director at Baltic Yachts. “This is why the prospects for our future look really good right now; our order book is full until 2019 and further negotiations are in progress. Thanks to this success, we are constantly looking to hire more staff, in addition to the fifty skilled craftsmen who joined us in 2017.”

Sam Stenberg enhances the
importance of having all core functions on hand in the very shipyard in Jakobstad.

The company’s motto “Lighter, stiffer, faster – together” is evident in everything the Baltic Yachts team achieves. Since the company was founded in 1973, when five young men started the shipyard with the vision of building the world’s fastest sailing boats, the company has always aimed high, setting world-class standards.
Building top quality luxury cruisers and successful custom carbon-fibre multi-role yachts is complex and highly demanding, which is why Baltic Yachts provide their own specialist staff training and education. This is carried out with local vocational upper-secondary school Optima.
“The boat building tradition in the region is very strong, and interest doesn’t seem to be decreasing. For our last education programme, we had over two hundred applicants, from which we selected, and later hired, twenty,” says Sam Stenberg.

Baltic is a world-leading custom boatyard, where every yacht is unique. During 2017, Baltic Yachts delivered two extraordinary yachts. The Baltic 175 Pink Gin VI is the second largest yacht ever made at the shipyard and set sail for the Mediterranean in the summer. The first large motor yacht built by the company, the 78ft semi-planing motor yacht Bill and Me, left the factory a few months later.
“If the customer can dream it, we can build it,” says Sam Stenberg. “This is thanks to our 300 craftsmen, the very best in the world, who make absolutely everything for the yachts in-house. Our belief in the future is strong and we will continue delivering yachts that are light, stiff, fast and successful.”


Business sector: Custom-made yachts, service and refits

Turnover 2016: €40 million

Employees: 300

Export: 100%

Major markets: Europe and Northern America

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