“Our projects can be business consulting for small local companies or creating global initiatives for large enterprises,” says Thomas Lönnquist (center). To the left Camilla Sellberg, Sales Manager, to the right Jonas Antfolk, COO of eCraft Sverige Ab.

When basic solutions are not enough

eCraft takes their customers to a new level of smart through cutting-edge technology

In the current digitised society, information is the key and there is a huge amount of it. It is those, therefore, who are able to utilise data that are inevitably at the forefront of development. One company in this position is Microsoft Gold Partner eCraft – an information technology consulting agency and technical partner.
“We are leading the change instead of just adapting to it. We efficiently utilise the information gained from our clients’ interfaces to produce and refine information to support business decisions. We are specialised in business solutions, such as ERP and CRM, business intelligence and analytics as well as IT infrastructure services. eCraft is rethinking the way IT systems are built through cutting-edge technology, such as AI and IoT, but also through our customer-centric view which sees systems being built around the end-users,” says Co-Founder of eCraft Thomas Lönnquist.

eCraft not only seeks to develop new services, but also to modernise existing systems. The employees of eCraft have a profound knowledge of various business solutions and fundamental business processes. When combined with world-class technology expertise, this results in services that actually benefit clients. Hence, eCraft’s strengths really come out at times when basic solutions can’t get the job done.
“We create solutions in a very people-centric way. In our view, a good solution is like a good chair; easy and comfortable to use. This approach allows us to create global, effective IT solutions that also stand the test of time,” Lönnquist says.

In addition to the office in Vaasa, eCraft also has offices in Espoo and Tampere in Finland and Malmö in Sweden. The fact that the company’s operations are spread across several locations helps retain the skilled staff. eCraft is also a pioneer in employing Ostrobothnian returnees.
“Good employees are our driving force and we have been successful in bringing them back to their place of origin. We employ 190 professionals across the whole company and they do not settle for standard solutions; rather, they daily come up with customised ways to partner our clients in digitalising their core processes.”


www.ecraft .com

Business sector: IT technology, consulting services

Employees: 190

Turnover: €19 million

Major markets: Local and global

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