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Ahola Transport improves its digital solutions

Ahola Transport has been providing transport services to companies for over 60 years. In that time, the company has gone from being a small transport firm to a stock exchange-listed logistics group covering the entire European market. Now the company is on the verge of the next development leap as it starts a major digitalisation rollout that will extend digital solutions to cover all operations.
“The direction is clear, given that we have been systematically developing our IT services for over 20 years. The digital solutions will both improve customer service and enable us to develop new services and to promote our dynamic logistics model,” says Ahola Transport CEO Hans Ahola.

“In 2016, the company underwent a major brand renewal in which its visual look and all of
its applications were modernized, from vehicles to digital materials”, says Hans Ahola.

The digitalisation solutions are most visible in the company’s new control room, with its huge screens showing real-time information on cargo, transportation, and client projects. The information on view is subject to data security, which is why access is restricted to authorized parties only. As well as monitoring individual transportation tasks, the client-specific information on transportation that can now be collected covers a longer time period, allowing the company to provide its clients with completely new services for improving cost-efficiency.
“In addition to real-time solutions, the Attrac business system enables us to create short and long-term prognosis to anticipate customer needs, and helps us create the right conditions and capabilities for future needs, says Ahola.
According to him, the goal of the digitalisation project is to advance the dynamic logistics approach developed by the company. It means that the company is not only operating on certain fixed routes, but its equipment will now be able to track the clients’ flow of goods anywhere.

In addition to developing the technology, Ahola highlights the role of the staff in implementing the digitalisation project.
“Digitalisation affects all of our employees, whether it is a transport planner, a driver, or an office worker. In order for the new approaches to take root, we are heavily focusing on training our staff during the project,” says Ahola. As an example, he mentions a show trailer that is equipped for driver training and that can go wherever the drivers go.
“We are now heavily investing in driver welfare in particular. The show trailer provides us with an easy way to meet drivers and offer them training and other services, improving well-being at work,” says Ahola



Business sector: International transport services

Turnover: €95 million

Employees: 232

Major markets: The Nordic and Baltic countries, Europe

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