Customer orientation is the foundation of our business,” say Pekka Särkiniemi , Timo Ojala, Hannu Viljamaa and Sami Kuntola.

When speed matters

SOP-Metal is a forerunner in busbar manufacturing

SOP-Metal’s Managing Director Sami Kuntola often comes across prejudices that products manufactured through subcontracting in the electricity and energy field in Finland cannot be competitive in their pricing.
“In fact, our production is greatly automated, so the prices are at the same level in Finland, as in other production countries. Nor is cost-efficiency only based on product prices, since good logistics, speed, and expertise are all crucial when looking at the total costs,” says Kuntola.

SOP-Metal has made investments in new machinery on a continuous basis.

One of the company’s main products is the busbar, which is used in transformers and electric switchboards. The busbars manufactured from aluminum or copper can be machined, for example, through bending, puncturing or welding, according to the customers’ needs.
“We are constantly developing our production process, as we want to function as a pioneer in the manufacture of busbars,” says Kuntola. “In order to strive towards our target, long-term efforts have been made in the development of both competence and production. Investments are also made in new machinery on a continuous basis.”
In addition to the busbars, the company manufactures highly machined and pre-assembled sub-assemblies as contract manufacturing. SOP-Metal is increasingly focusing on international markets and is involved in many development projects related to internationalization. Potential new export countries include, the Nordic countries, Germany and Poland.

SOP-Metal has production facilities in Vaasa and Tallinn, Estonia. The factories are located close to major customers and with excellent transport links.
“The Tallinn factory was founded in order to be able to serve our local customers in the Baltic countries faster and better. At its best, we can deliver products to the customer within a few hours,” says Kuntola.
Speed is also reflected in the ability to make quick investment decisions and react flexibly to changes in a customers’ production needs.
The company’s customers include large and medium-sized, globally operating electricity and energy companies. Cooperation began with many of these companies back in 1993, when the company was founded.


Tel: +358 207559250

Business sector: Machine shop specialized in subcontracting

Turnover: €9 million

Employees: 60

Export: 10%

Major markets: The Nordic and Baltic countries

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