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SK Tuote offers sustainable and energy-saving roofing accessories

SK Tuote has for long been the leading Finnish manufacturer of roofing accessories. The company’s products – tested for decades in the harsh Finnish climate – ensure fresh indoor air and extend the life of a house’s structures.
Now SK Tuote is taking a big step forward in exports by launching FLOW, a completely new line of ventilation outlet products.
“These products are the best on the European market. I know this is a bold statement; however, it is based on facts”, says Eero Saikkonen, CEO, founder and inventor at SK Tuote.
What makes the FLOW products so special is the fact that SK Tuote has managed to find the perfect balance between two contradictory requirements for ventilation outlets; on the one hand, outlets should not let the rain into the house, while on the other, they should let the air out.

Tuomas Saikkonen (on the left ) and Eero
Saikkonen on the roof of SK Tuote’s production facilities, which feature a large solar power plant.

FLOW products have a uniquely low pressure loss, which allows for energy savings in heat recovery ventilation. The products come in many different sizes, both for detached houses and large industrial buildings. The largest FLOW products represent a totally new sector for SK Tuote.
“Our aim is to partner up with ventilation manufacturers in Europe to supplement their product offering. Together we can offer the most efficient overall solution on the market, which helps the end customers save energy,” says Saikkonen.
The Nordic countries have traditionally been very good at heat recovery and mechanical ventilation due to the cold climate and forward-looking legislation. Other parts of Europe are only catching up in this area and new legislation is on its way in many countries.

SK Tuote invests in sustainability not only through its energy-saving products, but also in its own production facilities. In autumn 2017, the company installed a large solar power plant on the roof of its factory, which covers a considerable part of the factory’s energy need.
“We are strongly committed to sustainability in all our operations, and building the solar power plant was therefore completely in line with our strategy. The plant reduces our annual CO2 emissions by 33.7 tonnes,” explains Tuomas Saikkonen, Sales Director.


Business sector: Roofing accessories

Turnover: €18 million

Employees: 115

Export: 45%

Major markets: Russia, Europe

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