In the branch of sewer cleaning, Kaiser is considered synonymous with innovative technological solutions.

Using water efficiently

Kaiser Eur-Mark is known for innovative technology and outstanding workmanship

“It’s all about water,” says Kurt Vienonen, Vice Managing Director of Kaiser Eur-Mark, when he explains the essentials of the sewer cleaning and industrial disposal business.
“At the moment, The Kaiser Group has the best technology in the world when it comes to recycling water in sewer-cleaning vehicles. Our group strategy is to never be a copy, but to always come up with our own, innovative technology. Thanks to hard work and thorough research, our vehicles make it possible to work all day without filling up on water. This saves time, money and, of course, the environment.”

“Sewer cleaning rarely attracts public attention, but behind the scenes lie modern, innovative
technologies,” says Kurt Vienonen.

Since 2011, Eur-Mark is a part of the Kaiser Group, but business is still largely about being local.
“We live and work close to our customers. Thanks to being a part of a larger group, we can offer products with the very best solutions and be a reliable partner. For us, it is important to give something back to society, and we do this by growing and by producing innovations.”
By being part of the right group, Eur-Mark adds value for the end customer.
“Our customers know that our gear will work just as flawlessly in ten years as on the day of delivery. Our local presence continues to be a major focus. This allows us to produce on a small scale but at the same time deliver exactly what the customer needs.”

Through the years, Eur-Mark’s market has grown, and so has the product palette. The company’s trump is that all vehicles are equipped with special winter protection packages, enabling deployment in temperatures as low as -30°C.
“This makes us a leading actor on the Nordic market where we also benefit from the multilingualism in our region. We have managed to attract a team of engineers with specific knowledge not usually found in a company of our size. Thanks to being part of a bigger group with more than 500 employees and factories in Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Italy, Finland and USA, we offer career possibilities for talented people who want to work in an international context.”



Business sector: Sanitation aggregates

Turnover: €14 million

Employees: 65

Export: 80%

Major markets: Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries

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