Rolls-Royce’s wide range of products includes both steel and aluminium waterjets. The company also offers various modifications for individual customer needs.

Unchallenged performance

Rolls-Royce is a leading manufacturer of jet propulsion systems

Marine technology manufacturer Rolls-Royce has recently completed a significant investment in Finland. In 2017 the company modified its operations so that now all of its waterjet propulsion equipment manufacturing is consolidated in Kokkola.
“The opening ceremony took place in autumn 2017 and we have begun production. The new factory makes Kokkola the production centre for Rolls-Royce’s waterjets,” says Tomas Renlund, Site Director of Rolls-Royce Kokkola.

“Concentrating our production in Kokkola is a part of Rolls-Royce’s strategy to optimize production and responsiveness,” says Tomas Renlund.

Waterjet propulsors are the special expertise of Rolls-Royce Kokkola in Finland and Rolls-Royce Kristinehamn in Sweden. The pump technology in waterjets replaces the traditional boat propellers and instead moves a vessel forward with a jet stream. The benefits of the technology are especially highlighted at high speeds, where it is also a more economical alternative to a propeller. Rolls-Royce’s equipment is installed in a variety of crafts, from patrol boats and lifeboats to luxury yachts and fast passenger ships.
“Waterjets also allow for more precise manoeuvrability allowing boats to turn and stop faster. A new feature in our equipment is the electronical auto-positioning system, which allows a boat to stay on spot. Together these features offer an unchallenged performance with the best efficiency in the market,” says Renlund.

Besides manufacturing products, the Rolls-Royce Kokkola site also does continuous product development work. The waterjet is still a novel product in the market and hence it has a lot of potential. Investment into the Kokkola factory helps develop products that meet the requirements of different customer needs even better than before.
“Our long experience allows us to utilise engineering skills to further develop hydrodynamic pump technology, thus ensuring that we maintain our competitiveness in the future.”


Business sector: Marine propulsion, waterjets

Turnover: €324 million (RR Oy Ab 2016)

Employees: 80 (Kokkola unit)

Export: 99%

Major markets: Global

Parent company: Rolls-Royce Plc.

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