“Delivering an entire log handling solution that fulfi ls demands of quality and capacity is a challenging project, but we deliver what we promise,” says Pauli Ojala.

Treasuring high quality

Nordautomation invests in high quality in all elements of business

Nordautomation is the leading supplier in log handling technology. The company specialises in project deliveries for the wood processing industry, and currently employs roughly 90 people in Kristiinankaupunki and Alajärvi. The area is also home to many subcontractors who have specialised in the needs of the company.
“Our self-sufficient planning and production allow us to manage the entire value chain of our projects,” says Managing Director Pauli Ojala.
Over half of Nordautomation’s turnover comes from export. Their farthest project so far was delivered to Australia, while the closest markets are found in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The company recently completed the world’s longest modern log handling facility. It spans over 0.5 kilometres and utilises 3D and X-ray measuring.

Top quality performance, endurance, and reliability are essential to Nordautomation.
“Our clients expect us to deliver turnkey solutions that best suit their needs,” Ojala says. He applauds the team at Nordautomation for their experience, know-how, and overall vision. High work ethic and reliability guide the company.
“Delivering an entire log sorting solution is a challenging project,” Ojala says. Nordautomation also emphasises environmentally and ergonomically friendly solutions.
“We focus on reducing noise pollution and protecting the environment.”

Ojala has invested in new equipment, making the production facilities more environmentally friendly. This solution has clearly paid off and the company is constantly growing.
“We’ve reached our long-term goal of year-round full employment,” Ojala says. “Trust and commitment develop our company’s creativity and know-how.”
Nordautomation constantly develops their knowledge to create new solutions for their clients, and focuses on developing the skills of their personnel. Currently, seven of their project managers are completing their International Project Management Association (IPMA) Certification.
“Environmental values are important to us. After all, we work with a renewable natural resource,” Ojala says. “Sustainable development also sustains our success.”


Business sector: Mechanical forest industry

Turnover 2016: €15 million

Employees: 90

Export: 60%

Major markets: Worldwide

Certificates: ISO 9001:2000

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