“Digitalisation will considerably increase the role of services in many industrial enterprises,” Pasi Tuominen says.

Technology partner

Wapice helps companies utilise digitalisation

First came the slogan “Connecting Industrial Devices to Internet”, then it was “Software Experts”, while today software services provider Wapice is focused on being your “Technology Partner”. The changing slogans mirror not only Wapice’s development as a company, but also the development of the entire software industry, with digitalisation having grown to become an essential core function for companies.
“The first slogan still holds true, but our operations have continuously expanded and currently we act as a technology partner for our clients. In addition to our software know-how, we also help companies utilize the best features,” says Managing Director Pasi Tuominen.

As a technology partner for companies, Wapice is responsible for keeping its clients up to date on changes in development environments so that companies can maintain and improve their competitiveness. The typical Wapice client is an international industrial firm that has a need to better understand the opportunities that digitalisation offers for increasing efficiency and developing new services. To support industrial digitalisation needs, Wapice has developed tools to be used in areas such as sales and IoT. According to Tuominen, the tools facilitate the activities of both Wapice’s clients and their end customers.
“The tools and solutions can automate our clients’ operations and help improve the quality of their services. As an example, our digitalised sales tools are used to sell products to the value of some €2 billion each year.”

Wapice is heavily investing in product development and new tools are constantly being developed. One of the most important criteria in the development process is achieving user-friendliness through service design. Well-designed user-interfaces and sensor data presentation allow clients to quickly and easily realise benefits in their business activities.
“Broadly speaking, service design is embedded at Wapice, since for us it signifies improving user-friendliness. We have received a lot of feedback from satisfied customers regarding the usability of devices and the applicability of data,” says Tuominen.



Business sector: Software and electronics solutions
Subcontracting: industry.
Digitalization tools: industry, moving machines, buildings, public sector

Turnover: €23 million

Employees: 340

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