Herrmans success factors are co-creation, a multi-talented work force and Lean production.

Solutions for safe operations

Herrmans is a pioneer in LED lighting for vehicles

If you look around, you’ll find that almost all the new lighting in vehicles, bicycles, street lights and buildings are LED-lights. In this field, the Nordic Lights business unit at Herrmans is one of the pioneers.
“We were the first to introduce LED-based lights on bicycles, and very early on we started exploring LED technology in work lights for heavy-duty vehicles. We remain on top when it comes to supplying lights for demanding environments. The success of our products is based on their durability, and we constantly do research to develop our knowledge further,” says Tom Nordström, CEO.

Since the start in the early 1990’s, the crew at Nordic Lights have invested in developing their in-house know-how in lighting technology. Today, the factory produces the latest in lighting solutions with cutting edge technology, and is moving towards smart lighting solutions. The products can be found in heavy duty vehicles used in the construction, forestry, agriculture and mining industries.
“In a nutshell, smart lighting means efficiency and safety. The work lights are designed to be able to communicate with sensors and automated controls. The idea is that the work light can adjust light output or switch beam according to occupancy or daylight availability, based on the conditions in the environment. This is important for work comfort in challenging surroundings such as mines or snowy landscapes.”

“Combining the best technology available with
extensive testing allows us to outperform our
competitors,” says Carl-Anton Manns, Test Engineer.

To develop their products in the right direction, Herrmans puts a lot of effort into collaboration with their customers.
“The vision is to create intelligent lights that integrate completely with the vehicle and the surroundings. Thanks to our top-notch know-how in lighting technology, and our multi-talented crew steeped in diversity this is possible.”
Herrmans also sees a bright future in their other field of business: components for bicycles.
“We have introduced a bicycle light with a completely new technology, which captures and controls all of the light produced by the LED. This gives the rider an optimal light beam and no dazzling, which can normally be a problem in cities with a lot of traffic. Our mission is to improve the safety and comfort of cycling.”



Business sector: Bicycle components and light solutions for heavy duty vehicles

Turnover: €51 million

Employees: 250

Major markets: Worldwide

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