Smart and flexible containers

Fluid-Bag specialises in liquid handling systems

Fluid-Bag’s unique flexible containers ensure protection and product integrity during transportation and storage. Efficient disposal results in minimal wastage and, being fully recyclable, minimises environmental impact and container disposal costs.
“Our aim is to provide customers with not only efficient transport solutions but also to customise and install integrated handling systems that can effectively discharge the Fluid-Bags irrespective of product viscosity. As an agile customer-focused company, we are able to react quickly to a client’s specific needs,” says Jan Backman, Managing Director.
The containers are perfect for handling challenging liquids. For example, Fluid-Bags provide the perfect fit for the complex resins used to glue together windmill blades.
The bags also fulfil an environmental purpose. A Fluid-Bag holds 1000 litres, more than five times a standard drum. When empty, 20 Fluid-Bags (equivalent to 20,000 litres) can be transported in only 2 pallet places. Thus, customers and their end users save space during transportation and storage. The single use Fluid-Bag “Flexi” eliminates return freight costs.

“The Flexi pallet is also produced locally on different continents to further reduce
transportation costs and environmental impact,” says Jan Backman.

Fluid-Bag recognises the importance of investment in its personnel. A wellness campaign called “Move it” offers employees the opportunity to try new sports activities. The campaign also focuses on the well-being and continuous improvement of the organisation as a whole.
“When the staff feels appreciated and motivated and when they realise the importance of their particular role, the company will flourish. By focusing on our greatest asset, the staff, we are confident the company will move forward and grow.”

Flexibility is one of Fluid-Bag’s key strengths. Fluid-Bag is a member of the Solving Group, and together the Group offers broad expertise in the handling and transportation of both challenging loads and liquids.
Over the last few years, Fluid-Bag has grown and taken on a number of new mechanical design engineers.
“Our new premises represent a significant investment by our mother company Solving. The new premises give us the opportunity to take our testing functions to a new level, and showcase our handling system design capabilities. We’re also pleased to be able to invite customers for training or undertake their own testing in our facility.



Business sector: Flexible industry container systems including both filling and discharging equipment.

Turnover: €12.1 million

Employees: 55 in Finland, 20 in Thailand

Export: 96%

Major markets: Europe and USA

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