OSTP off ers more than 600 different products for all types of applications within the process industry.

Safety first – rely on quality

OSTP focuses on safety and quality in their world-class manufacturing of pipes

When working with a demanding material such as stainless steel, quality is everything. The pipes produced by OSTP in Jakobstad will find their way all over Europe, where they will be used for transporting all kind of media in factories, hospitals or ships. At the plant, quality is also a question of safety.
“It’s been over 1,000 days since we had our last accident at the plant in Jakobstad. That is an achievement that we are very proud of, and a trend we want to keep going,” says Thomas Pettersson, Managing Director.

OSTP is a joint-venture owned by Tubinoxia and Outokumpu Group. The unit in Jakobstad produces process pipes and butt weld fittings in welded stainless steel.
“It might sound simple, but manufacturing large amounts of equal quality in many different stainless-steel grades is a challenge. Our customers know this, and that is why they return to us. All our products must keep the same high standard and we see to it that there are no differences in quality compared to the customer’s previous order. Just as we in safety have a target of zero accidents, we have now set a target of zero customer complaints.”

OSTP not only focuses on producing bulk, but on meeting each customer’s specific demands.
“Perfection here also includes sales and after-sales. If there is a deviation in a product we have delivered, we will be sure to send someone over to inspect it and make it right if needed. This care and attention starts on the very floor in our plant; there is no room for mistakes on any level.”
The secret behind the OSTP safety concept is a complete makeover of the corporate culture. Since many years back, continuous improvements in safety are made at the plant, and all staff members participate in the documentation of behaviour and attitudes concerning the safety at the premises.
“Safety is everybody’s business. We have benchmarked other successful concepts and conducted staff training and involved all personnel to come to this level. Today, if one of our employees sees a problem, whether it is just a small oil stain on the floor or something larger, he or she will be sure to report it. Success starts right here, at the plant. Safety First & Rely on Quality are the two mottos on which we want to build our future.”



Business sector: Welded stainless-steel pipes, tubes and fittings

Turnover 2016: €108 million

Export: Approx. 90%

Employees: 230

Major markets: Nordic countries, Central Europe, Southern Europe

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