VAMP’s medium-voltage and sub-transmission protection relays are used in numerous applications, from overhead line feeders and substations to power plants and industrial power systems.

Protection pioneer

VAMP is a leading expert in arc protection

Vamp specializes in medium voltage multi-functional relay protection and is the pioneer in integrated arc flash protection systems.
“In the event of an arc fault, the protection systems start working within milliseconds and protect the property and equipment from damages. Our product ranges include protection relays and arc flash protection and can be found in various applications from power generation and sub-transmission to power distribution within utilities, industry and commercial buildings and infrastructure sector,” explains VAMP’s Managing Director Ron Back.

“Our arc flash fault protection functionality
enhances the environment of care that covers
both people and property,” says Ron Back.

VAMP is a part of the Schneider Electric group, an international expert in energy management. With the collaboration of its parent company, VAMP has achieved international success and coverage. The company’s products, which are designed and manufactured in Vaasa, are used worldwide.
“In modern society, a company’s physical location has become less significant, while the human capital becomes the key driver for success. We are a functioning example of the combination of a local company within a large corporation. As a company employing 38 people, we can operate adaptively in a fast in changing market with depth of having locally, product market offering, R&D, technical and sales support and application specialists as well as outsourced manufacturing. At the same time, being part of corporation gives us boarder global presence and scalability.”

Schneider Electric’s reputation is for the reliability and its user-friendliness of their products. This is visible in their recently launched VAMP 125 arc protection unit and Easergy P3 protection relay series. As a differentiator Schneider Electric is striving sustainability for their customers and the planet by offering “Green premium products” that are complying with latest directives concerning restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals.
“The new range is enabling the customer an unparalleled digital experience throughout life cycle of the product. Protection relay’s secured information, for example measurements data or, documentation and technical support, is always one click away with the dedicated Easergy App. Even in a secured manner controlling the circuit breaker at personnel required safety distance using smart phone or tablet, which gives new opportunities and benefits for customers in terms of maintenance and service,” says Back.


Group company:

Business sector: Medium-voltage protection relays and arc flash protection

Turnover 2017: €24 million

Employees: 38

Major markets: Worldwide

Export: 92%

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