LKI continues to grow and has recently expanded its assembly capacity by approximately 30 per cent.

Making sense together

Success based on mutually beneficial relationships

Have you ever thought about the equipment producing all the small metal parts inside your mobile phone? Or how the sheet metal components of a fan, radiator or car are produced? Chances are that the handling systems involved behind the scenes are delivered by LKI Käldman, one of the largest employers when it comes to engineering and production in the region of Jakobstad.
“Our solutions help our customers optimise their production and while not producing the end product, they provide an integral part of any sheet metal manufacturing process” says Greg Seymour, Managing Director.

Since 2015, LKI has experienced a 25 per cent increase in sales of automation in Europe and North America. The secret behind the success lies greatly within the company values and belief in mutually beneficial relationships.
“We have a responsibility in many relationships, for example with our customers and business partner, Amada, who trust in us to help them achieve their goals with the automation equipment we supply. We also have a responsibility as an employer to provide a stable and dependable workplace for the local communities as well as continued growth so that our many local suppliers can also develop. We believe that the best results are achieved when both sides succeed and that long-term relationships are built on trust, respect and openness. In that way, we are a partner to rely on in the future and when strengths are combined, great products are created.”

“It is important that every relationship is balanced and that the success of one party
is not ensured by taking advantage of another party”, says Greg Seymour.

LKI Käldman incorporate this as a rule of thumb across their entire business. According to Seymour, the company’s most important relationship is with its own employees.
“This relationship should never be taken for granted, and that is why we have invested a lot of time defining our values, company culture and how we want to lead the company forward. It’s important that we as leaders listen, of course to what is said but equally to that which isn’t. We continue to grow together and the wellbeing of our employees is crucial for us as a company.


Business sector: Development and production of equipment for automated material handling, i.e. systems for handling and storing sheet metal

Turnover: €30 million

Employees: 165

Export: 95%

Major markets: Europe and North America

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