Alucar has always been a pioneer in its fi eld; among other things, the company was the fi rst to use aluminium for its timber truck bodies.

Made in Maxmo

Alucar is the world’s leading timber truck manufacturer

Each year between 100 and 150 timber trucks are fitted with a new superstructure at Alucar’s factory in the village of Maxmo on the Finnish west coast. In addition, an even greater number of superstructures manufactured at the factory are exported all over the world.
Alucar has for long been the global leader in its specialised field. Over the years, exports have become increasingly important and today exports account for two thirds of the turnover.
“Timber truck drivers work in very demanding conditions. The high quality of our products is therefore crucial,” says Managing Director Anssi Alasaari.

“I see a clear trend towards solutions selling in
our line of business, rather than just components delivery,” says Alasaari.

Timber transport companies can increase their efficiency with a light and strong superstructure of high-quality, as it means larger loads and faster loading. However, timber truck quality is not only about good components; installations done in the right way with compatible products are at least equally important. Therefore Alucar has developed a concept for the export sector, in which the superstructure is delivered as a thoroughly planned kit that can be mounted by Alucar’s partners all over the world.
“We also increasingly support the mounting when our products are delivered abroad. If the installation is performed without a well prepared plan, the superstructure will not achieve its full potential,” Alasaari explains.
This way of working differentiates Alucar positively on the market.
“You can always try to copy components, but it is much more difficult to copy processes that are based on expertise that has been developed over decades,” Alasaari explains.

Alucar’s concept is well adapted to the market situation, where the legislation changes and trucks are becoming increasingly tailor-made. This means that the expertise of the superstructure manufacturer is more important than earlier.
“I see a clear trend towards solutions selling, rather than just components delivery. Here we are forerunners once again,” says Alasaari.
Alucar has always been a pioneer in its field; among other things, the company was the first to use aluminium for its timber truck bodies.


Business sector: Truck body building

Turnover: €14 million

Employees: 45

Export: 65%

Major markets: Europe, Russia

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