Häggblom specializes in the design and manufacture of demanding heavyweight steel structures.

Heavyweight champion

Häggblom is a leading specialist in track systems, buckets and related services

The sheer massiveness of a bucket weighing 80,000 kg, with a volume of 36 m3, can only really be realized when standing next to it. Such buckets are manufactured at Häggblom’s factories in Kokkola. Hägg-blom specializes in the design and manufacture of demanding heavyweight steel structures. It is Europe’s leading supplier in the manufacture of buckets and other machine parts for the mining industry, as well as in track system applications.
CEO Jukka Karhula says that it was these very interesting products that attracted him first to the company.
“The products are unique on the Scandinavian scale and I am, as an engineer, certainly interested in the technologically supreme solutions.”

“For our customers, our location is excellent.
The largest companies in the mining industry are located in the Nordic countries,” says CEO
Jukka Karhula.

Product development plays a major part in the company, close to ten percent of the company’s employees work in R&D. For example, the buckets are designed according to customer specifications for the suitability of each machine and application. Karhula describes the company as a one stop shop, from which the customer receives all the services they need.
“In design, we are able to optimize the manufacturing process of the product to precisely fit our production. It delivers significant cost and quality benefits to our customers,” says Karhula. In addition to design and manufacturing, the company also provides maintenance and spare parts services for its customers.

Life-cycle consideration is one of the driving forces behind Häggblom’s operations. Long-term customer relationships enable long-term cooperation between the customer and the company, extending from the lifecycle of individual products to optimizing the entire supply chain. Contemporary life cycle consideration is based on the company’s use of digitalisation.
“The operation of the equipment is monitored through periodic inspections and measurements, the results of which are utilized by informing customers about the need for proactive maintenance services. This way, costly unexpected production disruptions can be minimized,” says Karhula.



Business sector: Track systems, buckets and related services

Turnover: €28 million

Employees: 100

Major markets: Northern Europe

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