'Better sleep with your silent partner' is JTK Power's slogan, which refers to the silencer technologies they produce.

A good night’s sleep

JTK Power produces silencers for marine vessels and power plants

Imagine a cruise ship, the sound of which is as quiet as a dishwasher. Does that sound good? That’s exactly what JTK Power thinks. JTK Power is a Finnish engineering workshop that manufactures shelter doors and steel structures, with special excellence concerning silencer technologies. A few decades ago, noise was not yet classified as environmental pollution. Now with new environmental legislation in place, the demands for silence have grown.

Since continuously evolving machines and more powerful engines have brought about an increase in noise, silencers have had to be developed along with them in parallel. JTK Power has the approval of many classification agencies for their silencers, whilst more cost-effective models are in constant development.
“We have embarked on simulation and analysis software that can be used to carry out full scale tests at our factory,” says Timo Viitala, Managing Director of JTK Power.
Flow Engineering, for example, is a very important part of the development work. Without knowledge of this, it would not be possible to create sustainable solutions.

JTK Power’s products can be found all over the world. The company located in Ostrobothnia is constantly looking for new ways in which to expand its operations. The latest offices are in China and Estonia. The aim is to be, no more or less, the world’s leading manufacturer of silencers.
“We do not just enter the global competition merely relying on our prices, but we also do everything according to the highest standards,” says Viitala.
JTK Power sells a good night’s sleep: customers can sleep in peace when they know that the products are in order. It is also easier to sleep well on ships and in ports when one is not disturbed by noise.
“We correct all factors that can possibly be removed with silencers, otherwise we can’t improve the quality of one’s sleep,” says Viitala laughing.


www.jtk-power.fi , www.jtk-power.cn

Business sector: Silencer technology, steel structures, shelter doors, catalyst structures, machine key components

Turnover: Estimated €26 million

Employees: 130

Export: Over 90% (indirect)

Major markets: Global

Mother Company: Koncentra Verkstads Group

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