“We currently work in 14 different localities, and we have the capability to start operating in a new office at very short notice,” says CEO Hannu Uusi-Pohjola (in the centre).

Forwarding your business

Backman-Trummer ensures that both goods and information reach their destination

The Backman-Trummer Group, which offers comprehensive logistics solutions, is enjoying a strong expansion phase, no matter which metre is used for the measurement. The group’s turnover has risen steadily by about nine percent annually over the last 15 years, regardless of the general economic fluctuations in the industrial sectors.
The group consists of seven logistics companies. Geographically, the group has so far been a strong player in the coastal towns of the Gulf of Bothnia, but in recent years it has also spread to the coastal towns of the Gulf of Finland, east of Helsinki. In addition, it also offers Industrial Service services elsewhere in Finland.
Hannu Uusi-Pohjola, CEO of Backman-Trummer Group, predicts that the company will also have a great deal of growth potential in the future.
“We are naturally constantly exploring new opportunities for enlargement, both domestically and internationally,” he says.

Oxana Datsyuk (left , Specialist, Russian Transit
Traffic) and Joel Salmela (right, Shipping Agent) are participating in the team that
coordinates the transit shipments at Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab in Kokkola.

Logistics is a service business, so the CEO gives the credit for the recent growth to his own staff.
“We have logistics specialists who are able to build optimized and innovative solutions.”
In practice, this means the continuous development of operations, as well as the encouragement of staff to take account of even small imperfections and to provide new proposals for solutions. The development of professional skills and the increase in work satisfaction is maintained by investing in training. In the field of logistics, the nature of the work has to a large extent shifted from physical work to machine control in recent years. Along with this, the share of women in the traditionally male sector has also increased.

Safety and security are important factors in the logistics business. Backman-Trummer has AEO certification, which means that it has received a safety certificate issued by Customs for its logistics operations.
“Our safety regulations are stringent and ensure that outsiders cannot gain access to the moveable goods and their data,” explains Uusi-Pohjola.
In the logistical field, however, safety is not limited to this, but also includes the prevention of accidents at work and the minimization of environmental emissions


Member of the KWH Group

Business sector: Logistics solutions

Turnover: €140 million

Employees: 360

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