“Our operations are expanding and we are continuously recruiting new experts,” says CEO Sami Kivioja.

Co-operation at the core

Co-Engineering provides resources for growing industry

During its five years of operations, engineering services provider Co-Engineering has grown to be an agency employing over 40 people. According to CEO Sami Kivioja, the company is not that well known outside of its own clientele, which is due to the fact that it has grown by creating long-term relationships with its cluster of large customers, such as ABB, Wärtsilä, and Danfoss.
“We are in continuous cooperation with our large customers, and one project has led to another. This kind of cooperation is very meaningful, since in the long term it can lead to more efficiency and better practical engineering solutions,” says Kivioja.

The name Co-Engineering is derived from the word cooperation, so it’s easy to guess what kind of values the company’s operations are built on. A true understanding of the meaning of cooperation is important in an approach that is based on selling resources and know-how. According to Kivioja, the work and the skilled worker have to meet for the cooperation to achieve results.
“Our customers are growing companies that require precise know-how for various tasks, whether it be design engineers, specialists or on-site staff. Our most important task is understanding what kind of results the customer is expecting from the work,” Kivioja says.
According to Kivioja, the practices used in different projects vary according to the length and nature of the project.
“Sometimes we provide the client’s project with one of our employees, sometimes an entire team. Depending on the need, our employees may work either at our own premises or at the client’s premises.”

Co-Engineering’s strength is its extensive electrical and automation know-how, but according to Kivioja, the good results are based on the employees’ long and diverse experience within different industries.
“We employ dozens of engineers and graduate engineers focused in several areas of expertise, for use whenever their deep knowledge is needed. In addition, our company has a large network of outside experts that can be consulted on specific issues,” says Kivioja.


Business sector: Engineering, expert, maintenance and startup services for the processing and energy industries.

Turnover: €4 million

Employees: over 40

Export: 20%

Major markets: Worldwide

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