Beamex has chosen their niche and deal only with calibration. The company is a market leader in the calibration fi eld in many parts of the world.

A better way to success

A clear focus and investments in people and technology carry Beamex forward

The last few years have been memorable for Beamex. And the recent inauguration of their new facilities in Jakobstad in January 2017 was no exception. “Investing 8 million euros into the facilities in Jakobstad shows our owners’ commitment and belief in us and our strategy going forward”, CEO Jan-Henrik Svensson says. But facilities are not the only thing Beamex invests in. For a world leader in the calibration field, people and technology are equally important. Their motto, A better way, covers everything from product development to business culture. “We strive for a business culture where people are allowed and not afraid to try new things, to fail and to develop. Ultimately, this will ensure things are done in a better way for our customers. Quality is our number one priority,” Svensson explains.

“We have faith in the future and invest continuously,” CEO Jan-Henrik Svensson says.

Beamex has ambitious product development objectives and launches a new product every year. Last year was a record year with a handful of launches. A conscious decision to seek out the most demanding customers is part of their strategy. “We choose the customer segments with the highest demands and always go for high-end solutions in terms of hardware and software, as well as services. That’s where we’re at our best – always challenging ourselves, making sure we improve,” Svensson says. Exports account for a significant part of their activities, of which half the sales go to Europe and the other half around the globe.
Beamex has continuously established subsidiaries to meet the increasing demands of their customers; the acquisition of a long-term partner in Germany being the most recent one. With double-digit growth during the last decade, the aim now is to double the turnover in five years’ time. While gaining market share and expanding the product range is central to this strategy, different industry changes will also enable the company’s growth objectives to be realized, Svensson believes. “Considering data integrity and regulation systems, the need for calibration is growing in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, power & energy, and oil & gas. Beamex is a good match for all these industries”.


Business sector: Calibration equipment, soft ware, solutions and services

Turnover 2017: €25 million

Employees: 170

Export: 96-97%

Major markets: Worldwide

Parent company: Sarlin Group Oy Ab

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