“We have a command of the entire security field, from locking all the way to cyber security,” says Mika Vihervuori.

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Viria combines security and network technology with data analysis

What does security camera data have to do with category management in retail? A lot, when it comes to Viria’s integrated service portfolio, according to Viria CEO Mika Vihervuori. Viria provides physical and digital security services and related analytics. To give an example of an effective integration of services, Vihervuori describes one of Viria’s clients, a retail chain that utilises security system data in its business decisions.
“We have supplied the retail chain with physical security solutions, such as security cameras. With the data stored in the system, the company can analyse the structure of their customer base, for example, looking at the customer profile at different times of day. If the data shows that there have been a high proportion of young female customers, but the products targeted at them are not selling, the retail chain could then make changes to the store environment.”

Connecting security system data to a client’s business processes reflects recent changes in the thinking at Viria. The group’s ownership and structure have undergone significant changes, which has triggered a reassessment of their services. It has led to an integration of their digital and physical services, and an introduction of new business solutions.
“We have a command of the entire security field. We do not want to distinguish data security from physical security, since ultimately, security should be comprehensive,” Vihervuori says. Two companies included in the group, the physical security solutions provider Securi and the digital security-focused LAN&WAN, are scheduled to merge in 2018.

The company believes that the demand for security-related services is growing strongly.
“One of the most valuable assets for a company is its data, but there is still a lot to be done when it comes to securing it,” says Vihervuori.
Viria’s business is well established and its healthy balance sheet allows for ambitious growth plans. Viria is looking to grow organically and through internationalisation as well as acquisitions. It is aiming at being ready for a stock exchange listing within the next few years.


Viria companies: Securi, LAN&WAN, Hibox Systems, Sappa, Tansec

Business sectors: Physical and digital security technology and related analytics. TV Business

Turnover: €82 million

Employees: 386

Major markets: Finland and Sweden

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