Around 30 percent of the energy distributed by Herrfors comes from wind power. Corporate responsibility is an important matter for the company.

Energy market expert

Regional solutions and renewable energy are Herrfors' priorities

Imagine that your company could get a weekly report suggesting the best mix of energy solutions, which would enable you to get the lowest price possible. This is a service energy company Herrfors offers to all its customers.
“To achieve the lowest possible impact on the environment and at the same time, reach the greatest efficiency, the electricity should be produced as close to the end customer as possible. Our mission is to strengthen our region’s energy supply and to be a reliable partner for our customers,” says Johanna Övergaard, Key Account Manager at Herrfors.

Andreas Rasmus, Production Director,
Robin Holländer, Sales Manager and
Johanna Övergaard, Key Account Manager.

The company’s vision has been clear since the start in 1907: to make the region an enjoyable place to live by taking local natural resources and using them for the benefit of the inhabitants and the local companies. At the moment, Herrfors is a partner in five different wind-power parks on the west coast of Finland, and furthermore a partner in seven hydro-electric plants in the region.
“We have a well-developed product portfolio, and during the last ten years, we have made large investments in renewable energy sources to meet environmental and customer demands. The development is going forward, and we aim to make sure that our customers have both electricity and heating in the future as well,” says Andreas Rasmus, Production Director.

Herrfors serves both private customers and companies. An appreciated part of Herrfors’ B2B concept is the after-sales service.
“Our experience in the energy field allows us to offer precise tailor-made solutions to our customers. We strive to always to be a reliable partner with a long-term vision. Often, the energy market is about protecting the price of the product and keeping the pricing at a solid level,” says Robin Holländer, Sales Manager.
“We know almost everything there is to know about the energy business. We offer our customers the opportunity to follow up on their own derivate on e.g. a quarterly basis, and in that way be a part of their own pricing. This is where we excel, and this makes us the most reliable energy partner,” says Övergaard.


Part of Katternö Group

Business sector: Production, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity and heat

Turnover: €140 million

Employees: 200

Own capacity: 280 MW

Power transmission: 1.3 TWh

District heating: 0.3 TW

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