Finnvera’s Regional Manager for Ostrobothnia, Kari Hytönen, says that these days Finnvera itself also actively contacts growing companies that are becoming international.

Wings to fly

Finnvera finances companies’ internationalisation and growth

Kari Hytönen, Finnvera’s Regional Manager in Ostrobothnia, wants more companies in Ostrobothnia and the whole of Finland to seek international growth.

“Ostrobothnia is doing well, but there’s always room for improvement,” he says.

If a company is eager to grow globally, Finnvera may well be a suitable financier. Finnvera offers financing for start-up businesses, as well as for growth, internationalisation and protection from the risks of export. It is a state-owned specialised financing company and an official Finnish Export Credit Agency (ECA).

Finnvera gives guarantees against political and commercial risks associated with the financing of exports. Political risks refer to hazards in the target country, such as war or insolvency, whereas commercial risks refer, for example, to the buyer’s inability or unwillingness to pay.

Although quantitatively the majority of Finnvera’s customers are small businesses, there is big money in companies that are becoming international. Finnvera does not compete with banks; instead, it supplements the financial market.

“When a new ship leaves a Finnish port Finnvera’s name is in the news, but we also have a significant role in SME financing,” Hytönen says.

Finnvera will only finance companies that have the prerequisites for profitable business. These are analysed by Finnvera’s experts by studying the company’s history and evaluating its future.

“As a rule, the profitability and balance sheets of companies in Ostrobothnia are good.”

2015 has seen improvements in Finnvera’s possibilities to provide financing. Finnvera has a funding mandate for medium-sized companies with a turnover of up to €300 million. For domestic investments that capitalise on exports there is no size restriction any more. Finnvera can also subscribe bond issues.

Finnvera is also involved in the activities of Team Finland, which brings state-funded internationalisation services all to one place. Finnvera’s role in Team Finland is to offer guarantees and loans to companies engaging in growth through internationalisation or export trade.


Tel. +358 29 460 11

Business sector: Risk financing; loans and guarantees for SMEs and export credit guarantees for SMEs and large corporations.

Regions: 7

SME financing (09/2015): EUR 2.7 billion

Export financing (09/2015): EUR 16.3 billion

Employees (9/2015): 382 (Ostrobothnia region: 13)

Clients (9/2015): 28,645 (Ostrobothnia region: 1,500)

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