Merius always works in the 3D world, where making modifications is more cost-effective for clients and stakeholders.

Supporting industry

The 3D technology used by Merius generates added value for industrial clients

When a client of Merius, an engineering and consultancy company, needs a new pipeline system for its production premises, the assignment begins with laser scanning. Laser beams collect 3-dimensional “as-built” data from the production premises in question.

The client quickly sees the change process it has ordered as a virtual animation on a computer screen, complete with timetables and costs.

“Thanks to laser scanning, we can obtain error-free data, and the number of modifications required is reduced,” says Merius’ CEO, Hannu Sarja.

Merius, founded by Sarja in 2003, has grown into a 16-employee consultancy. In addition to factory and facility engineering, Merius undertakes machinery and equipment engineering for its clients: equipment lines and demanding steel structures, such as pipelines, cranes and lifting accessories. The software used by the company facilitates its client’s long-term investment planning.

“We deliver solutions; we don’t simply produce the drawings in industrial investments," says Hannu Sarja.

“We deliver solutions; we don’t simply produce the drawings in industrial investments,” says Hannu Sarja.

“We provide an extensive service to our clients. The client receives plans, strategic solutions and detail engineering that are high quality in terms of their utility value, and in which future investments can be taken into account.”

The bold introduction of new modelling and design techniques distinguishes Merius from other industrial engineering and consultancy companies. “Laser scanning devices are more familiar in terrain elevation measurements. It’s not customary to use them in industry. We have broken new ground by designing graphic and readable project plans.”

For the client, 3D animation works in support of decision-making. It is easy for project directors to monitor implementation.

“We have a very intuitive way of working. Through animations, we make the big picture understandable to large stakeholders. Our design serves the investment of the entire stakeholder group.”

Merius provides project management support services by pre-tendering investments directly in the client’s supply chain. “We help our clients execute industrial investment projects all the way from concept design to implementation. We also carry out monitoring for clients.”


Business sector: Engineering, consulting and project management services for industry

Turnover: €1.2 million

Employees: 16

Export: 10%

Major markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway

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