VNT Management
VNT Management has invested, for example, in GASEK, There Corporation, Merus Power Dynamics and Cajo Technologies.

Seeds for success stories

VNT Management invests in cleantech start-ups, helping them to grow

VNT Management is a venture capital management company that focuses on clean technologies, especially electrical systems. The company gives all its expertise to help promising businesses grow and succeed. VNT Management’s portfolio includes 14 companies. The company’s share of ownership in young technology companies is often about a third. VNT manages venture funds, which take care of the early-stage development of the investee companies. The lifetime of venture funds is limited to 10 years, so it is natural for investee companies to seek new owners who will take the company to the next step on its growth track.

“All the companies on offer are highly innovative and we foresee a huge market for them. Research also shows that companies grow and succeed considerably better because of capital investments. I am convinced that the companies offer excellent growth opportunities for the new owners,” says Chairman of the Board, Jarmo Saaranen.

“We have been involved in many companies that have shot up fast. I expect great success also for many of the companies we are currently investing in,” says Jarmo Saaranen.

One of the companies in VNT Management’s portfolio is the Vaasa-based There Corporation, which offers consumers smart management systems for energy use. Its solutions include real-time energy monitoring, energy use optimisation and substantial cost savings.

Merus Power Dynamics is a power electronics company, which produces power electronics to improve power quality and energy efficiency with small investments.

“Its technology is innovative and it has great market potential. Although there’s plenty of competition in this field, Merus Power’s solution is definitely one of the best,” Saaranen says.

In its investments, VNT Management favours the innovative use of renewable energy. One example is the energy technology company GASEK, whose solutions replace fuel oil with fresh wood chips. GASEK’s technology is based on wood gasification, and its plant produces electricity, heat and steam without emissions, according to the customer’s needs.

Another innovative company is Cajo Technologies, which has developed a unique method of producing markings on challenging products using a laser beam without any chemicals. With laser beams, Cajo can mark steel, for example, in diverse ways, cost-effectively and ecologically. According to Saaranen, this industry has a market of tens of billions.

“We firmly believe in the future of our companies, because they are growing fast and have very promising export markets. So if you’re interested in innovative companies that work towards a better future, get in touch with us,” he urges.


Business sector: Venture capital in renewable energy and cleantech

Capital under management: €157 million

Employees: 5 partners

Major markets: Finland, Northern and Central Europe

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