KPO is the price leader in sales of daily consumer goods. “We are truly reliable and affordable,” says Kim Biskop.

Regional market leader

Close cooperation with local producers is KPO’s strength

The product range of Prisma Kokkola, the flagship of the Cooperative KPO, covers more than 25,000 daily consumer goods products and around 70,000 other consumable items. A significant proportion of these are produced in the Ostrobothnian regions. KPO’s area has a total of four Prisma hypermarkets, of which the largest in terms of sales is in Vaasa.

“We sell more than 5,000 Ostrobothnian products. In 2014, KPO’s purchases of goods from Ostrobothnian companies totalled more than 100 million euros. Regionally, it makes sense to play together, to combine forces and procurement,” says KPO’s CEO, Kim Biskop.

Local food and goods are important for KPO. The 2,400 Ostrobothnian partners with whom KPO has long relations are clear evidence of this.

“Through us, local producers have the opportunity to access national distribution. It is in the area’s and our interests that local producers do well.”

As examples, Biskop highlights Maitokolmio, which manufactures dairy products, and Finn Spring, which produces soft drinks. The products of these Central Ostrobothnian companies are sold in S Group stores around Finland.

The Cooperative KPO, as its name suggests, is a cooperative enterprise owned by its members, i.e. customer owners. KPO is part of the S Group, which consists of 20 independent regional cooperatives. S Group also includes eight local cooperatives.

KPO was Finland’s first regional cooperative, and it has been operating for 110 years. Currently, KPO has 110,000 customer-owners. The customer-owners receive annual interest on their cooperative capital. Most of the operating profit is used to develop members’ services.

The most significant customer-owner benefit is a bonus that customer-owners can receive on purchases, up to a level of five per cent, based on monthly purchases. Bonuses accumulate in the customer-owners’ S accounts in S-Bank when they show their S-Etukortti bonus cards when shopping.

“In KPO, the average purchase is 27.20 euros, of which we retain two per cent,” says Biskop.

KPO has harmonised its pricing in recent years. Due to the general development of the retail trade, price image has also been modified.
“We have consciously told consumers about our affordability, particularly in sales of daily consumer goods, which has been well received. We are the price leader in daily consumer goods, which means that we must also be the cost leader.”

KPO ensures its competiveness through an efficient organisation and personnel training.
“We have efficient information systems, which we utilise to the full.”


Business sector: Retail trade

Sales: €760 million

Market share: approx. 48% in sales of daily consumer goods

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