OSTP has implemented a massive investment programme and widened its product offering. The company can now offer its customers pipes with diameters from 10 millimetres all the way to 2,000 millimetres.

Pipes of all sizes

OSTP is now a one stop shop for pipes and fittings

If you visit a process industry plant anywhere in Europe it is very likely that the stainless steel pipes and fittings are made by OSTP in Jakobstad, Finland. In the recent years, the number of production lines has been increased from 2 to 13 at the OSTP Finland manufacturing facilities. This means that pipes as small as 10 millimetres in diameter to pipes as large as 2 meters in diameter can now be produced. The investments made are the biggest in the company’s almost 70-year history.

“Our increasing product selection means that we can serve the customer with one stop shop philosophy, or in other words, we can offer them the whole package,” says Managing Director Thomas Pettersson.

The smaller pipes manufactured by OSTP are used mostly in the chemical industry and often go to a factory in Germany or somewhere in the Nordic countries. The bigger pipes are used mostly in the pulp and paper industry, the oil and gas industry as well as in the mining industry.

“During 2016 a new production line for smaller pipes will become operational,” says Thomas Pettersson.
“During 2016 a new production line for smaller pipes will become operational,” says Thomas Pettersson.

“At the moment we see big opportunities in the pulp and paper industry, which is investing heavily in both Finland and Sweden. We have the competence to supply for entire building sites and have become a stronger player in the field.”

OSTP works in close cooperation with its Swedish sister company in Örnsköldsvik, where butt weld fittings are manufactured. The raw material for OSTP’s stainless steel pipes comes mostly from the stainless steel mill of Outokumpu, located in Tornio in Northern Finland.

“We are without a doubt the biggest supplier of stainless steel pipes and fittings in the Nordic countries. Our winning edge is quality – a pipe may not leak or trickle under any circumstances. We make sure that our products won’t.”

OSTP pipes are always tested to make sure that the pipes and welding seams are of highest quality. The pipes and fittings are corrosion resistant and have been given a passivation treatment.

“Quality is a result of the work of our competent and enthusiastic personnel, which is the key element in reaching strong results.”



Business sector: Welded stainless steel pipes, tubes and fittings

Turnover 2014: €121.5 million

Employees: 230

Export: 87%

Major markets: Nordic countries, Central Europe, Southern Europe

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