Solving delivers movers to massive projects around the world. One of these is Statoil's Åsgard subsea gas compression in the North Sea.

Movers for onshore and offshore use

Solving makes heavy load movements safe in hazardous environments

Moving a bulky load weighing several hundred tonnes is easy work for Solving’s massive range of movers. Since its formation in 1977 the company has specialised in manufacturing, designing and developing equipment for heavy load handling.

“Our products are usually highly automated handling systems, which use both air bearings and wheels,” explains Managing Director and Solving founder Peter Björk. “Solving’s customers can be found all over the world; our biggest ongoing project is for the mining industry in Australia and includes 30 automated guided vehicles of various types for moving railcars,” says Björk.

The offshore industry in Norway is also an important market for Solving.

“Due to the specific requirements this industry dictates for equipment to be installed offshore, we develop each handling system in close cooperation with the customer. Therefore it is important that we are involved in the early stages of an offshore project,” Andreas Backman, Sales Engineer at Solving, explains. About 30 offshore trolleys have been installed on various oil and gas rigs worldwide, and these are all developed to meet the strict requirements specified for hazardous environments.

One of Solving’s longstanding customers is the Norwegian oil giant Statoil.

“Solving's movers can carry loads weighing up to several hundreds tons,” explains Peter Björk, Ullamay Borgmästars and Andreas Backman.

“Solving’s movers can carry loads weighing up to several hundreds tons,” explain Peter Björk, Ullamay Borgmästars and Andreas Backman.

“Recently Statoil chose Solving as the supplier of three air film movers, each with a capacity of 300 tons, for their Åsgard subsea gas compression project. Our air film movers are superior to any other technology for moving such bulky subsea modules, weighing from 50 to 400 tons, between the workshop and storage facilities,” says Backman.

Solving has a large number of projects on the go at any one time, and their products aren’t just in high demand in the mining and offshore industries. The railway, motor, aircraft, steel, paper and transformer industries are also regular users of Solving movers.

“At the moment we are working on a project for the railway industry in Sweden where 18-meter long automated movers will be used in the depots where carriages are cleaned. The movers are going to carry both people and equipment simultaneously, which speeds up the cleaning process and makes it easier for the cleaners to work more ergonomically,” explains Ullamay Borgmästars, Marketing and Sales Coordinator.

With more than 35 years’ experience in specialised material handling systems Solving is now an established supplier of equipment designed to improve efficiency and safety in the field, and will remain so for many years to come.


Business sector: Systems for heavy load handling

Turnover 2014: €14 million

Employees: 51

Export: 80%

Major markets: Worldwide


Turnover 2014: €26 million

Employees: 143

Including Fluid-Bag and Solving subsidiaries

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