“We investigate and travel to new markets in order to find suitable partners for small to medium sized local businesses,” say Roman Kurzhunov and Håkan Forss.

Matchmaking for exporters

Viexpo helps companies in the process of internationalisation

When a small to medium sized business wants to enter a foreign market it will often need some professional help to collect market information. That’s where Viexpo comes in as a coach and a helping hand.

“What we do is a kind of matchmaking in exports. We help companies build networks and we help with marketing, strategy and sales. Our way of working covers a broad spectrum,” says CEO Håkan Forss. At the moment Viexpo is focusing heavily on helping companies make good use of the internet and digital marketing.

The most important weapons in Viexpo’s arsenal are the numerous international exhibitions they attend every year as well as fact finding trips around the world. Both are important when it comes to making new contacts. Viexpo also offers export managing services.

“Our primary focus is co-operation between the Nordic countries. At the moment there are big initiatives in the construction and energy sectors where we can help companies expand and create useful networks.”

Viexpo is part of a network called “Team Finland”, which includes governmental organisations, ministries, embassies and chambers of commerce, all working together for the success of Finnish companies abroad.

“One example of how we work is a recent fact finding trip to Namibia. We met ministers and attended a couple of seminars associated with a huge construction project. This allowed our attending customers to sell efficient Finnish systems to the Namibian market. This is what we do, we connect our local entrepreneurs with customers around the world. And we also do similar trips in Europe and in the Nordic countries.”

An important part of Viexpo’s work is market research, which allows companies to target the right partners for their customers. Market research allows Viexpo to investigate and form a picture of the potential a product or a service will have in a foreign market.

“The companies who seeks us out often have a good product, but they lack the knowledge of how to bring it to a new market. It can be especially difficult if it’s a market with a different culture, language and mentality, like the Russian market. Here we, as an outsider and an objective player, can be an important part of the process,” says Roman Kurzhunov, Internationalisation Expert.


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Business sector: Assistance in international trade for small and medium-sized companies

Employees: 8

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