Pauli Ojala says that Nordautomation is aiming in the future to consolidate turnover and to develop operational quality.

Log handling to the world

Nordautomation operates in a sector where development never stops

Nordautomation, a specialist in project deliveries for the wood processing industry, is focusing on increasing exports. Exports are important, because they make up around 60 per cent of the company’s total turnover. Nordautomation’s existing home field is the Nordic countries, so in the future exports will be directed further afield, all the way to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa. In log handling, the company provides technical solutions for individual equipment units, ranging from a single log sorter to complete production lines.

“In exports, it’s important to take one step at a time. If we do well somewhere, then it’s worth focusing in that direction,” explains Nordautomation’s Managing Director, Pauli Ojala.

In Finland, Nordautomation has two offices, in Kristiinankaupunki and Alajärvi. Nordautomation Ab operates in Sweden. Technology has facilitated communication between offices.

Nordautomation operates in a sector where technology is constantly evolving. Ojala also describes the company’s product development as continuous.

“It is an evolutionary process. Every project is increasingly demanding in terms of criteria. In addition, separate product development is carried out on the basis of customers’ new needs.”

Ojala considers it important that the company never feels that it is the finished article, because the sector is changing rapidly and presenting lots of challenges.

“The worst thing would be if a manager were to say that we had nothing to learn.”

Nordautomation continually strives to improve production efficiency, and in this they have succeeded – the company is responsible for Europe’s fastest log handling line, in Kemijärvi. Despite the high speed, precision is never compromised. The fine adjustment of measurements is also of great importance to customers.

For Nordautomation, investing in personnel is a priority. Ojala believes in swarm intelligence; in the fact that people with different skills and interests can accomplish a lot together.

“Respecting the expertise of others is important, even if it isn’t the same as your own. In this way, the company creates a culture of creativity.”

In Nordautomation’s field of business, it very important that timetables are kept, and now and then this means that even minutes are critical. Ojala knows that motivated personnel respect timetables and do their best to maintain them.

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Pauli Ojala says that Nordautomation is aiming in the future to consolidate turnover and to develop operational quality.


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