“Halpa-Halli is always an affordable and safe shopping location for the whole family,” says Ari Isohella.

Location is key

Halpa-Halli reaches traditional as well as modern consumers

Halpa-Halli is a traditional retail chain with 39 department stores in Western and Central Finland. The stores, with a few exceptions, are located in rural areas or just outside the larger cities. Although the traditional brick and mortar store is facing challenges, Halpa-Halli is convinced that people still have a social need to meet and shop together.

“The location of our shops is a big competitive asset for us,” says Deputy Managing Director Ari Isohella. “We monitor the market and plan the location of new stores precisely. If some locality has a purchasing leakage into a large town situated nearby, there may be a need to establish a new store. Local presence is one of our values. It is reflected in our product range and is a major factor in commercial siting.”

For over a decade now, Halpa-Halli has not been merely a brick and mortar business. During 2016, the company intends to review its online offering significantly and to explore and develop new approaches for its online concept.

“Via the internet, we want to reach those areas where we don’t have stores and, moreover, to offer a wider product range in areas where we already have a store. A store may have ten models of bicycle, while more options can be found online. Online customers can opt, if they wish, to collect their purchases from a store.”

Isohella emphasises that the store’s product range gives online customers the opportunity to see and touch a product and familiarise themselves with it.

The new marketing and distribution channels are a challenge, as well as an opportunity, for the traditional store. Halpa-Halli has established a presence on the social media with the aim of finding modern young consumers.

“We have noticed how quickly a Facebook message, for example, reaches new customers. The right product at the right time finds its customers.”

Despite the hectic nature of the world today, Halpa-Halli holds true to its Christian values, and for that reason its stores are closed on Sundays.

“It’s then that our staff can rest. We also don’t sell alcohol or tobacco. Our customers appreciate our values.”



Business sector: Retail trade

Turnover 2014: €295 million

Employees: 1,400

Stores: 39

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