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Future chemical industry professional Marko Ketolainen changed his sector through education. The process industry employs many people in the Kokkola region and adult education’s process operator studies last 1.5 years.

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Adult education responds to the needs of society

Central Ostrobothnia Adult Education (KPEDU) is not stuck in the role of a traditional educational institution; it listens carefully to the ever-changing demands of society. Cooperation with companies in the region is close and KPEDU responds quickly to labour policy training set by decision-makers.

When planning began on one of Finland’s largest wind farms at Lestijärvi, just over 100 kilometres away, KPEDU quickly initiated training in wind turbine installation.

“The region’s strong chemical industry is also in constant need of skilled personnel. We train new employees for the process industry,” says Jarmo Matintalo, Director of Adult Education.

“Working life is our most important customer,” says Jarmo Matintalo.
“Working life is our most important customer,” says Jarmo Matintalo.

KPEDU is participating in a major project in which nuclear power plant professionals are trained. The 3D training offered for several years now demonstrates that the institution truly has its finger on the pulse of the times. Business studies and the popular field of media also have a significant presence.

KPEDU is also involved in project STILL, Smart Technology Innovation Learning Lessons, the purpose of which is to introduce online pedagogical models and mobile solutions at different stages of the learning process. Today’s adult education is increasingly e-learning, independent of time and place, and carried out according to a personal study plan.

New learning environments are constantly changing the role of the teacher.

“We train teachers to provide guidance to students via the internet. Adult education teachers are agile in their work. They are accustomed to changing situations and to creating attractive training courses,” says Matintalo.

Adult education brings together students with different goals.
“In working life, the main consideration is not what qualifications employers are looking for, but the kind of personnel they need. In the future, there will be even greater emphasis on multi-tasking.”

Under the auspices of Central Ostrobothnia Adult Education operate the Central Ostrobothnia Folk High School in Kälviä as well as apprenticeship training in which a personal study programme is designed for each student, taking account previous studies and work experience.


Business sector: Adult education

Turnover: €14 million

Number of students: 2,000

Number of Employees: 110

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