Roschier's Vaasa office benefits from the local law student network by hiring talented law students as trainees and for office support functions. From the left Miia Sirviö, Lassi Inki, Sofia Saarikko, Leena Lilius, Stefan Wikman, and Ilkka Puikkonen.

A leading Nordic law firm

Roschier’s lawyers are trusted advisors

When the Danish industrial group Danfoss expressed an intention to acquire the listed Finnish company Vacon Plc in 2014, Vacon turned to Roschier for legal advice. Part of Roschier’s core competence is to provide expert advice in connection with such public take-overs, or PTO’s.

“There is an increasing trend in public mergers and acquisitions. One reason to explain this comes from the fact that private equity investors are increasingly buying and selling companies. This trend is also evident here in Vaasa,” says Stefan Wikman, Partner at Roschier and Head of the firm’s Vaasa office.

Roschier invests in long-term client relationships based on trust and business understanding. Thus Wikman has the advantage of being able to closely follow different trends at the core of the business world. Other areas where Roschier’s services are increasingly needed include various types of restructurings and rearrangements, compliance matters and data protection.

“Companies are becoming more aware of the fact that they can and should protect their intellectual property legally,” says Wikman.

Although Roschier has been established as one of Finland’s leading law firms for a long time already, in the last decade the company has also invested in a Nordic presence. The Stockholm office founded in 2005 now employs 95 lawyers thanks to strong organic growth.

“We predicted early on that there would be a demand for a Nordic approach to business law. Nowadays, we are involved in many cross-border projects and many major Finnish-Swedish companies are seeking our help with legal advice,” says Wikman.

In addition to Roschier’s main offices in Helsinki and Stockholm, the office in Vaasa has an important function in the region.

“There are three main reasons for our presence in Vaasa,” explains Wikman. “Firstly, we have many important clients and valuable contacts here. Secondly, our team in Vaasa is a resource pool for the entire firm. And last but not least, Vaasa today is an important place for law studies, which means that we have the chance to network with talented young people. We hire law students as trainees and for office support functions.”

As there are so many energy companies in Vaasa on Roschier’s client list, the green economy is an important and interesting niche for the law firm.

“Our clients in Vaasa benefit not only from the expertise of the staff in Vaasa, but from the expertise of the entire personnel at Roschier,” Wikman points out.

During the more than 20 years that Roschier has been present in Vaasa, Wikman has seen how companies have become increasingly global and how entrepreneurship in society has flourished.

“We have witnessed a boom in acquisitions and other types of business arrangements in recent years, due to the fact that many of the region’s companies have grown and matured. As a consequence of that, we begin to have an accumulation of capital in the region, which in turn means that we also see an increasing number of start-ups. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to closely follow such a fruitful business environment.”


Business sector: Legal services

Turnover: €75.9 million (2014–2015)

Employees: 335 staff members of which approximately 215 are lawyers/practitioners (some 120 located in Finland and some 95 in Sweden)

Major markets: The Nordic countries

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