VAMK trains, for example, bachelors and masters of engineering and business. Thanks to close co-operation with businesses and industry, there are great job prospects for the students in the region.

Experts for the export industry

VAMK trains sought-after professionals for the region

When the region’s export industry needs ironclad professionals, Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences, rolls up its sleeves. Offering studies in high technology, business and social- and healthcare, VAMK maintains a continuous close dialogue with the region’s companies to make sure that its training meets the needs of business life. VAMK’s energetic development work is already bearing fruit, and the reforms made will benefit both students and business life.

“VAMK’s training programmes are designed and also partly implemented in close cooperation with the region’s companies,” Elina Martin and Jorma Tuominen explain.
“VAMK’s training programmes are designed and also partly implemented in close cooperation with the region’s companies,” Elina Martin and Jorma Tuominen explain.

“Companies get exactly the expertise they need, and finding jobs in the region is easier than average for students, even in these challenging times,” say Elina Martin and Jorma Tuominen, directors of the schools of Business and Technology.

VAMK has developed a training cooperation system with the Vaasa Vocational Institute that allows the students of the latter to take certain study units at VAMK. By completing them, students gain the right for further studies at VAMK without an entrance examination. This broad-minded, unique collaboration has been well received, and Tuominen and Martin call it ‘the Vaasa training model’.
“This is a unique and bold model. It’s a channel that more rapidly provides companies with experienced employees who are well acquainted with the field,” Tuominen explains.

Together with the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, VAMK has developed the Project Management Master of Engineering degree that directly serves the needs of the energy cluster. This adult education and training programme, offered in English, provides students with the competence to gain a certificate in project management, which will allow them to work in international duties.

“The most significant export revenues in the region come from the exports of energy technology, so there is definitely a call for strong project know-how,” Tuominen says.

The degree programme in International Business has been further developed to serve the region’s industrial companies and their need for top-notch export professionals. The programme provides students with the knowledge and skills needed in various demanding expert and leadership positions.

“The entire study programme is designed to support export trade. In addition to student exchange and practical training abroad, our International Business students are interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to take a double degree at one of our partner universities,” Martin says.

Vaasa university of applied sciences

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