Trailers made by Ekeri are flexible. They allow their customers to always keep their trailers full and the cargo can be reloaded during the journey. All of this means profitable business for Ekeri’s customers.

Easy loading is their motto

Ekeri is the leading manufacturer of trailers with side opening doors

Everyone in the logistics industry knows that time is money. That’s why many forwarders are looking for versatile ways of transporting cargo. And that’s where Ekeri has found its niche: trailers and semitrailers with side opening doors.

“Our slogan – easy loading – is all about our promise to the customer. It means the whole process should be easy and reliable. Everything from our lashing systems to flexible trailers with a secure bodywork and our central locking systems should be easy to use,” says Ekeri CEO Mikael Eklund.

Ekeri is the European market leader within its niche. The company’s most important products are trailers and semitrailers.

“The side opening doors make it easy to maximise the amount of cargo as they make it easier to transport difficult (and different) loads. Our solutions make it possible to add cargo during the journey. When using our products you won’t ever have to drive with an empty trailer.”

Imagine a longer transportation route which stops in several cities, going from Scandina down across the European continent. With an Ekeri trailer it is possible to reload during the journey, either via the roof, from the side or from the back. Ekeri’s innovations can also be used when loading trailers onto trains.

“Easy loading is an integral part of how we work. Our products are easy to use and they are safe,” says Mikael Eklund.

“Easy loading is an integral part of how we work. Our products are easy to use and they are safe,” says Mikael Eklund.

“The digital tachograph is constantly ticking in the transport industry. The faster and more efficient a driver can be, the more money it means for our customers. That’s our strength. Our trailers are versatile and can work as a curtainsider semi-trailer during one journey and a freezer during another. Versatility is key to creating healthy revenue.”

Recently Ekeri has come up with two new additions to its products. One is the EXIII certificate, which means the trailers come equipped with a European standard allowing the transportation of explosives. The other concept is a box tested according to XL12642, an European standard for load security.

“Here we’ve created a world first XL certificate for trailers with side opening doors. The certificates are necessary for companies loading goods to the car industry. You could easily say our niche is a narrow one, but we’ve managed to become both successful and international. No one in the business is as specialised on side doors as we are.”



Business sector: Trailers, semitrailers and truck bodies

Turnover: €56 million

Employees: 170

Export: 70%

Major markets: The Nordic countries, The Netherlands, UK, Germany

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