Rani Plast
Over the last few years Rani Plast has invested heavily in improving the printing of its plastic films. The raw material going into the films is plastic granules made from polyethylene.

Bold and brave

Rani Plast celebrates its 60th year by investing in new production line

Throughout its 60-year long history Finland’s leading manufacturer of plastic film, Rani Plast, has never shied away from taking risks and making big investments. In 2015 the company announced another sizeable investment, which will take their products to the next level. The factory in Rani Plast’s hometown Teerijärvi is going to be expanded.

“This will turn us into the first company in the world capable of manufacturing 24 meters wide plastic film with seven layers,” CEO Jari Palosaari explains.

The amount of money the company is investing isn’t the only thing that’s big about the 15 million euro development. The brand new factory hall built to accommodate the new production line will stand 50 meters tall, higher than the church spire in the village of Teerijärvi. The maximum width of the films is also increased, going from 18 to 24 meters.

At the moment Rani Plast has nine factories in different places around the world, but the main bulk of the production still happens in Teerijärvi. Investing in the village where the company was once born wasn’t a goal in itself. But Palosaari is keen to add that the infrastructure, the staff and the knowledge base in the area were the reasons for investing in Teerjärvi, even though the village lies far from the main markets.

Company veteran and long-standing Production Director Jari Palosaari became the CEO of Rani Plast in 2015.
Company veteran and long-standing Production Director Jari Palosaari became the CEO of Rani Plast in 2015.

The new production line will mainly manufacture films for agricultural use. Rani Plast is keeping a close eye on how the market is developing.

“Within the agricultural sector the farms are growing larger and as they grow they need to become more efficient. By using better films that are easy to use farms can increase their efficiency and improve the quality of their feed,” explains Palosaari.

Rani Plast is a family business and the second generation is now holding the reins. The philosophy has always been to nurture long-term customer relationships based on trust. This approach is also part of the company’s staffing policy. When Jari Palosaari became CEO in 2015 he had already spent almost 20 years working for the company.

“When I started working at Rani Plast the turnover was around half of what it is today. The product development department has grown to almost four times the size of what it was back then. Today we can print three meter wide films. Not many other companies in the world can do that.”



Business sector: Plastic film for packaging, industry and agriculture

Turnover: €188 million

Employees: 375

Export: 60%

Major market: Europe

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